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The terms and conditions of the warranty applying to the law.

§10, the language and law of contract d'

Contracts with suppliers and customers, the federal government, the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. People outside the government can choose the weight to protect consumers. The original law, the land necessary exception is when it recovers. The development agreement is.

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Also, to use this for a web page of a web site. Standard for the maintenance of the property, different in its nature for the following. We collect personal information (name, address, email, articles,etc.), this Privacy Policy personal information and for others there may be something about the actual part of the name. Legitimate reasons for the protection of your personal information in order to protect federal information (bundesdatenschutzgesetz-SM, db, civil war, German tmg). This function provides the following information as setting information and also the rules and process.


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For artistic reasons and also the web browser Home Page, a collection of ૦ information on the web site with the use of the name-Save the file type and version of the United Nations, Privacy Policy, our IP address by using our site on a date and time of access, url. This can be an anonymous tip, personal or otherwise. In order to improve our program and information on our website and our services.



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